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       Our vision: Create a global community of students and educators who use Minecraft™ for learning, brought together in a space where they can share ideas, projects, curriculum, and support one another.

(Free Curriculum Downloads at the bottom of the page)

Over the last 2.5 years, my students and I have honed and crafted (pun intended) an easy-to-use model for project-based learning using Minecraft, that any teacher can learn and implement quickly. We call it Craft-Academy. Going with the “open-source” nature of Minecraft’s community of users, all the Craft-Academy curriculum, templates, and guides are free to download, use, and disperse.

Craft-Academy has two ways to handle the technology, depending on your needs:

Single-Player: The quickest and easiest way to use Minecraft™ in your classroom. Students store the game and their work on a flash drive, making projects in “single player” mode. This means there is nothing to install on school computers, and no issues with network access, bandwidth, or online play.

Multiplayer: Provides the most interactive experience, allowing for group projects and “public” display of work. This requires setting up a private server, or purchasing access to Advanced Learning Project’s EduCrafting servers, designed specifically for Craft-Academy.

Craft-Academy is Easy to Implement!
All students will do the two challenges below to learn how to use Minecraft™ properly, and then can begin a Show-What-You-Know (SWYK) Project: 
 The teacher assigns a topic.
 Student and/or teacher comes up with a driving question
 Student does research
 Student builds a model of some aspect of the project and adds infogear (signs, youtube videos, written work, multimedia) to add detail and show depth-of-knowledge.

Curriculum Downloads
Getting Started:
Craft-Academy Introduction (Word .docx)
Craft-Academy Social Contract (Word .docx)
Preparing for Your First Class and Week 1 Curriculum Plan (Word .docx)

Technology Help:
Creating a Class Set of Flash Drives to Run Minecraft™ (Word .docx)

Teaching the Kids (and you!) How to Use Minecraft™
Craft-Academy Block Hunt Challenge (Word .docx)
N00bs Challenge (Craft-Academy World Database)

Beginning a Project:
Craft-Academy SWYK Project Proposal (Word .docx)
Craft-Academy SWYK Project Proposal Walk-Through (Word .docx)

More support Documents coming soon!

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Take a look at my blog to see how we created this model and project possibilities!

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