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       Our vision: Create a global community of students and educators who use Minecraft for learning, brought together in a space where they can share ideas, projects, curriculum, and support one another.

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Over the last 2.5 years, my students and I have honed and crafted (pun intended) an easy-to-use model for project-based learning using Minecraft, that any teacher can learn and implement quickly. We called it Craft-Academy. Going with the “open-source” nature of Minecraft’s community of users, all the Craft-Academy curriculum, templates, and guides are free to download and use.

Craft-Academy has two ways to implement the curriculum, depending on your needs:

Single-Player: The quickest and easiest way to use Minecraft in your classroom. Students store the game and their work on a flash drive, meaning there is nothing to install on school computers, and no issues with network access, bandwidth, or online play.

Multiplayer: Provides the most interactive experience, allowing for group projects and “public” display of work. This requires setting up your own server, or purchasing access to EduCrafting’s servers designed specifically for Craft-Academy.

The Curriculum:
Craft-Academy Introduction (Word .docx)
Craft-Academy Social Contract (Word .docx)
Craft-Academy SWYK Project Proposal (Word .docx)
Craft-Academy SWYK Project Proposal Walk-Through (Word .docx)
More support Documents coming soon!

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