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       Our vision: Create a global community of students and educators who use Minecraft for learning, brought together in a space where they can share ideas, projects, curriculum, and support one another.

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About the project:
    Minecraft has become a household name and is rapidly evolving into one of the most flexible 3-D virtual environments ever created. Educational institutions all over the World are adopting Minecraft as an educational tool because of the high interest of students and the limitless possibilities for teaching. This website was created by me, a teacher “in the trenches,” to help you bring Minecraft to your classroom, and show you the possibilities.
    Hi my name is Chris Miko, I’m a k-12 educator, and I’m a Minecraft addict. It all began about 10 months ago... My high-school student and future Craft-Academy co-creator, Travis, asked me to be his mentor on a project he was working on which was focused on gamification in education, specifically, using Minecraft as a teaching tool. I had never played Minecraft, but I have been a passionate gamer all my life, so I was excited to give it a try. After becoming immersed in the blocky virtual world of Minecraft, my video-game geek side quickly melded with my impassioned teacher side, and I immediately began seeing Minecraft’s unlimited potential as a teaching tool. Travis and I started developing projects for the classroom, and figuring out how to create and maintain a safe, controlled, virtual environment to teach in. Now we’re running our school’s Minecraft server, “DV Craft,” with over 70 students having round-the-clock access, working on a variety of projects... and it’s working!!!

    To get started, we turned to the Minecraft Wiki, the CraftBukkit Wiki, YouTube Videos, and of course our students to learn how to put this all together.

On my blog, you will find an account of how we went from this “crazy” idea into one of the coolest learning environments ever.

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